Bridges of Hope

Residential Alcohol & Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

Our goal is to have a major impact on people and change the course of their lives so they may become positive and productive members of society.

The Bridges of Hope is a long-term residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. There are 4 facilities for men and 1 for women. Each is dedicated to helping its residents recover from addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Our program of recovery is based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous - that is, one addicted person helping another. The A.A. 'Big Book' and the 12 steps to recovery serve as the foundation for the entire program. A.A. has been successfully helping people recover for more than 65 years, through fellowship, prayer and spiritual principles.

Our approach offers a proven alternative to traditional short-term inpatient and outpatient programs. Research shows that brains seriously damaged by alcohol and/or other drugs can take years to fully heal. That is why our residents stay an average of six months to 1 year before they are ready to return to their families and communities with an adequate foundation for their continued recovery. Residents are referred to us through a number of channels, including word-of-mouth, professional counselors and agencies, and through the legal system.